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Business Data Networks and Security, 10e (Panko) Module C More on Telecommunications 1) In TDM, time is first divided into brief periods called ________. A) packets B) frames C) slots D) cells Answer: B 2) In TDM, a voice conversation gets the same ________ in each ________. A) frame, packet B) packet, frame C) frame, slot D) slot, frame Answer: D 3) A ring topology is attractive because it brings ________. A) higher speed B) lower cost C) greater reliability D) all of the above Answer: C 4) SONET/SDH uses a ________ topology. A) point-to-point B) hierarchy C) mesh D) ring Answer: D 5) SONET/SDH applies ________ when there is a break in a trunk line between switches. A) the Spanning Tree Protocol B) wrapping C) half-duplex transmission D) full-duplex transmission Answer: B 6) Which of the following is packet-switched? A) ATM B) TDM C) both A and B D) neither A nor B Answer: A 7) ________ is/are widely used in Europe